Call for Artists

Making art doesn’t need to be something only popular, trained or professional artists make. Some of the best pieces I’ve seen were created by unknown, amateur artists: origami bookmarks distributed in libraries or art on a flash drive placed as a digital note in a bottle, are some examples.

We are looking for painters, photographers, illustrators, graffiti and street artists, graphic artists and sculptors to donate one or more pieces of their works that will be part of exhibitions we hold at interesting venues such as Nakladové nádraží, Venuše ve Švehlovce and Dup 36.

Do you want to become part of a big exhibition, meet other artists, meet the audience and see how popular your art is?

Send us photographs of your work and a short biography about yourself by email: or post to Instagram and Facebook. We will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

We would love for you to exhibit your art and be at the event to talk to other artists and the people who like your work. No piece of art is too small or too big; there is no limit to the number of pieces you submit; and all kinds of work, from anywhere in the world, are welcome.

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